Premium Homes. For Corporate Professionals.

We make your relocation to London a smooth, stress-free and pleasant experience.


Premium Homes. For Corporate Professionals.

We make your relocation to London a smooth, stress-free and pleasant experience.


Premium Shared Homes.

We pride ourselves in creating the best shared homes in London. Our homes are beautifully furnished, extremely well maintained and in the most sought after locations.


Premium Experience.

Helping you move in

Helping you with the ‘moving in’ and orientating yourself in the new area.

Doing the paperwork

Assisting you with any essential paperwork (such as registering with the local GP or opening a UK bank account).

Dedicated support

Ongoing support and assistance while you are in one of our Premium Homes.

Maintenance and repairs

On-hand maintenance team to address any repairs within 24hours (not 2 weeks!)


Premium People.

We have long waiting lists for each home so we have the luxury of handpicking each new housemate to make sure they are a great fit for the house. Our housemates are young, vibrant, accomplished professionals who are in London to work hard and make a mark!

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Loved by all of our members.

After conversing over the phone, I explained to him what I wanted in terms of housing. Even before we officially met, I could discern his genuine concern for people most especially his potential clients and that was music to my ears because I was searching for an agent that just wasn’t concerned about monthly rent but also about the welfare of his client.

Victor F.

Sequoia Homes is a fantastic company! I was lucky to have one of their team as an agent when I first moved in the UK. They were very helpful and always fair. They were at my disposal not only with the house issues but also with the bureaucracy I had to face as a foreign person in the UK. They don’t care about filling a house with the first customer who comes to visit it, they really care about finding good people that can fit all together, and this is my case.

Jessica I.

Sequoia Homes have been nothing short of flawless to work with. It’s been a breath of fresh air and by far the best letting experience I’ve ever had. From the very first interaction they have been more than accommodating. In short an amazing experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sequoia homes. My only regret is that I didn’t use them sooner.

Razwan B.

Got any questions?

SEQUOIA is a unique giant redwood tree that can live up to 300 years. It is of a very warm red colour and is legendarily durable.

We have chosen this name because:

  • We want our Homes to also be warm and welcoming
  • We want our Homes to be your strong roots in London
  • We want our Homes to be the place you can call home for a very long time

As graduates from LSE and UCL, we have worked in corporate firms such as Deloitte, UBS, Bloomberg, BlackRock and Morgan Stanley.

During our corporate careers, we noticed something very intriguing. Some of our senior colleagues were landlords and had issues with their agents, while some of our junior colleagues were tenants and were struggling to find quality house shares with like-minded professionals.

We started Sequoia Homes with the vision of setting a new benchmark in the property management sector, benefitting landlords and tenants alike.
We combine our passion for impact with dynamic professionalism to fill a clear gap in the property market.

Our housemates are young, vibrant, hard-working professionals working for some of the best known corporates in London. We have a rigorous selection process and we look for friendly and respectful professionals who have great references from previous landlords.

We have waiting lists in most of our Homes, so drop us a call and we can discuss if we can help you with your search.


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